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Upon graduating college, Cutter Ben Mohel struck out to get every bit of the value out of his political science degree by moving out to the Pacific Northwest to strike it rich with what he believed to be a lucrative future in farming geoduck on the Pacific Coastline.  After a disappointing start due to sales being a mere $5.00 a pound domestically, Cutter quickly discovered the demand for geoduck in China, where the delicacies could net upwards of $35.00 a pound.  His business flourished for several years until it began slipping away to Chinese demands for his geoduck intellectual property, so it was time to sell and move on.

Cutter packed up and sought to grow his fortune in a new business venture. As fate would have it, he ended up in a small “Rust Belt” town where he opened Cutter Clips, Dips and Plastics, where he and his manufacturing staff were quickly becoming a major “job shop” for shoelace companies, by providing mass-production of “aglets” for shoelaces of all sizes, shapes, and colors.  He became quite a hero in his small town for keeping so many families employed during the early Obama years.

As bad luck would have it for so many people in 2020, COVID brought Cutter’s business to a grinding stop. You see, even though everybody believed that sales would go up with everybody walking during the great quarantine, the government would not deem aglet manufacturing as “essential”. So then, with the Chinese moving in with a lesser expensive ‘Uyghur Made’ shoe laces undercutting him, coupled with the (cash cow) Annual April Aglet Convention in Akron being cancelled, Cutter’s business was crushed.

For the first time in well over a decade, Cutter loaded up his Dodge Ram Hybrid and stuck out to see what life had in store for him. As fate would have it, Cuter had to stop along the Ohio Turnpike and find a place to charge his truck.  He ‘hooked-up’ at a Turnpike rest stop, decided to go inside to an awaiting Starbucks and enjoy some coffee while it charged.  Upon entering, Cutter couldn’t help but notice that there were two men at the counter, the older of the two was berating the younger man in front of him for ordering a “half soy,  half ‘half and half’ caramel macchiato with extra whipped cream and sprinkles”…The older man (who was wearing a mask with a ‘horse face’ on it) was yelling that the younger man saying that should “Turn in his MAN CARD” for ordering something as “foo-foo” as that.  Cutter took an instant liking to him.

Before you knew it, they were sitting at a bench introducing themselves (the man’s name was Jake), and talking with their masks off as they enjoyed their beverages.  As they were getting into their second round of coffee, a Karen suddenly walked up and began to belittle the two for their masks being off.  After Jake was finished ripping her for interrupting our MEAL and to get her “Gladys Kravitz ass out of here”, he suddenly looked up at Cutter and asked, “Hey dude, wanna do a podcast ?”

 And That is where the story begins…

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“Elemental”  -  Otmaro Ruiz, Jimmy Branly & Jimmy Haslip

“Ao Vivo” - Djavan

Anything with Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Russell Ferrante, Oscar Peterson…you get the idea !

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“The Black Swan” by Nassim Taleb

“Thirty Days to a Better Vocabulary (Powhatan Tribal Edition)”



Growing up on both coasts, and working as chief, cook and bottle washer at varying points over three decades, Jake L. Wood spent most of his life, believe it or not, as a snooty liberal Democrat.

Personal and professional setbacks provided valuable time for growth and self-reflection, from which emerged a passionate, principled conservative, learned in the ways of our enemies, and committed to preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution.

Jake likes long walks on the beach, skinny skiing, going to bullfights on acid, and spending time with family and friends.

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It’s a Long Way to Daytona / Mel Tillis

De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas / Mayhem

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Make It Ahead / Ina Garten

Holy Blood, Holy Grail: The Secret History of Christ & The Shocking Legacy of the Grail / Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln

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